MagNap Clinical Trial
The MagNap Device
How does Magnap Work
MagNap is a new surgical treatment to control certain types of OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The device is composed of two rare earth magnets. One is encased in titanium and implanted on the hyoid bone in your neck. The other is part of a small neck brace that is worn at night and when you take a nap.
Simply, the two magnets are attracted to each other and gently keep your airway open at night preventing bouts of OSA. The first illustration( the Internal Device)  shows the internal magnet attached to the hyoid bone in the patient’s neck. The hyoid is the only free floating bone in the body. The magnet is encased in a titanium housing which is the same material used to protect pacemakers near the heart.

The second illustration ( the External Device) shows the external adjustable brace positioned on the neck at night. The brace will be custom made to fit the patients neck and is held in place by the attraction of the two magnets.
Different sized magnets can be used to increase or decrease the attraction depending on the size and shape of the patient's neck.
The brace will have spacers and other protection to prevent chafing and irritation to the patient's neck.
Magnet Therapy/Implants
The use of surgically implanted magnets has been used for many years. Our team has been involved in a variety of FDA clinical trials with magnets since 2009. Magnets have been successfully used in heart and brain stents as well as orthopedic applications. Our work and the work of others have shown that:
  •  Implanted magnets are safe and when encased in titanium cause no injury to humans
  • Titanium encased magnets can remain in the body for years without any ill effects to the patient
  •  Magnetic movement of bone and tissue is almost imperceptible and painless to patients
  •  Implanted magnets cause minimal disruption to daily life.